I’m Steve Bloor, known by some as The Barefoot Podiatrist because I rarely wear shoes and then only for protection when absolutely necessary.

I believe feet function best when not constrained by artificial and stiff footwear. This is due to the mechanically bracing effect of most shoes which splint the joints in such a way that it’s impossible for the muscle to work effectively. And also because our sensory perception of the ground is curtailed by shoes so that our normal proprioceptive feedback is massively distorted, thus affecting postural stability.

I’ve been privileged to work with the National Trust as a volunteer Barefoot Hiking leader for over a year.

And love to give advice about using feet optimally and naturally. As well as advising on Minimalist footwear.

As a podiatrist I give Foot Health Advice, particularly focused on advocating how to optimise foot and leg function.

I also treat patients with all sorts of lower-limb musculoskeletal problems including sports injuries. My advice or treatment often includes rehabilitation exercises to help patients recover more quickly and completely.


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