Making a Spectacle of Yourself in Frames With No Glass in Them is like Wearing Shoes When They Aren’t Needed!


Fashion can be crazy!

Wearing spectacles with no glass?!

A bit like wearing shoes! They’re not necessary. Most people’s feet work fine on their own.

But still people wear shoes as a fashion accessory or for social convention.

Most people really don’t need shoes for normal activities.

They think they do, partly because of social convention, which is effectively a fashion, & partly because having worn shoes for years their feet get tender & weak, so it hurts to go barefooted.

But I gave up shoes as an experiment about 20 months ago &, though initially uncomfortable, now my feet & legs are stronger than they’ve ever been. My balance is amazingly better. All the joint problems that stopped me running in shoes have gone.

My feet have become what nature intended them to be, strong & supportive!

And thousands of other people in the developed world are also rediscovering & regaining their feet.


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